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The WORKS! – Customer Focus Strategy

The Works is our comprehensive, practical and results driven Customer Focus Strategy and Embedding Process.

If your goal is to retain your customers, you need a strategy that works.

If you want to earn your customers’ loyalty, you need a value creation process that works.

If you want to build and maintain a dynamic and energized customer-focused culture, you need tactics to ensure that actions you undertake actually work.

If you want to improve employee engagement in a way which has a positive impact on your bottom line, you need an embedding plan that works.

Based on 15 years of practical experience and the best practices used by successful customer-focused organizations, we have developed a comprehensive customer focus strategy and embedding process which achieves all of the above. We call this process The WORKS.

The WORKS is a dynamic, hands-on, action-oriented process with tools, approaches and resources which have been tested and proven to get results. The WORKS incorporates your vision, values, current culture, desired customer-focused culture and long-term goals and objectives.

This customer focus strategy and embedding process consists of a number of best practices and core essentials including:

  1. The TWELVE drivers of a successful Customer Focus Strategy
  2. The EIGHT keys to an effective Customer Focus Steering Committee
  3. A targeted and effective Listening to the Voice of the Customer Strategy
  4. The SIX steps to establishing an effective Continuous Improvement Plan
  5. Integrating Customer Focus and your Performance Management System
  6. The FIVE steps to implementing Core Service Standards and Accountabilities
  7. Implementing a Customer Focus Training Strategy and customized training program to address the mind-set and skills needed to maximize the quality of customer experiences throughout the Organization
  8. Implementing a Customer-Focus Training Strategy and customized training program that enables those who lead others to embed and sustain customer focus throughout the Organization
  9. The FOUR essentials for creating and using Customer Focus Champions to build service excellence from the ground up
  10. Ongoing internal communication tactics related to the customer focus  undertaking which build momentum, enthusiasm and buy-in.

All mid to large Organizations, whether Private or Public Sector need The WORKS.

We will be pleased to discuss your unique goals and objectives and show you how our approach can help you create the customer-focused culture you desire.

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