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Strategic Training Partner Affiliate Program


Introducing our Strategic Training Partner Affiliate Program

Through this affiliate program you will be able to generate on-going revenue by selling and facilitating our world-class customer focus training programs. Our training programs are the culmination of 28 years of experience in both the subject matter and training design.

Think of the revenue you could generate by offering our unique and proven training programs to your customers.

Think of the time and money you could save by leveraging our expertise.

What is most exciting is that our partnering process is structured so that you can recover your initial investment by selling and conducting a training program only one time. Minimal risk and significant reward.

Qualifying Partners/Affiliates will need to own and operate an existing training and education firm, have sound facilitation skills and demonstrate the ability to pro-actively market the training in their respective market area. A background in customer service training would also be a tremendous asset.

About the Program

The program has two components:

  1. Licensing of our classroom-based courses
  2. Reseller arrangements for our online course

Licensing of our classroom-based courses

While our plan is to eventually include all our customer focus courses, initially we are offering our two most popular classroom-based customer focus training programs. You can choose one or both of the following:

– Customers Forever: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
– Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop

We provide the resources you will need to conduct the training course(s) of your choice for a one-time fee and we will guarantee a set license fee for the reproduction of participant workbooks on a pay as you go basis.  This means that you will only need to pay a nominal fee for a license to reprint participant workbooks as you need them. Every time you sell the training program, simply let us know the number of participants and send us your remittance for the license due.

For each classroom-based course you wish to license, you will receive the following:

– One electronic copy of a detailed Facilitator’s Guide with a license to reproduce one copy
– One electronic copy of the Participant Workbook and a license to reproduce up to 15 copies
– One electronic copy of the Power Point presentation
– An electronic copy of the marketing brochure
– Up to 2.5 hours of one-on-one coaching time via Skype with the program author
– An unlimited license to reproduce participant materials going forward at a fixed price per unit printed

Reseller arrangements for Maximizing the Customer Experience

For your individual customers or your corporate clients who would prefer the cost savings and convenience associated with online training, you can also become a reseller of our  highly regarded online certification program. You will receive a sales commission for every student you enroll. You simply place a special link on your website to the course description for this program which is located on our website. The link contains special tracking codes so we can track your customers and ensure you are paid your commissions. We take care of  everything including collecting fees and enrolling the students through our secure online payment and registration process. You can also resell this training without a website and we will be pleased to discuss this option with you.

All you need to do to become a reseller is sign our reseller agreement and enroll yourself in the online course at the regular price. We will then give you one free enrollment. You can give it away or sell it to recover your investment. We will provide you with the marketing information that you can place on your website as well as the special links which you will need. If you actively market this program you will see that this can be a great source of additional income.

Here is what is currently included in the Program

Customers Forever: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

This two-day, highly interactive course is designed specifically for all frontline and support employees. It presents a framework for improving service at the point of contact with the customer. It also equips participants to build and strengthen internal service partnerships. This framework provides participants with strategies and skills that will help them make the most of their day-to-day interactions with people who receive their work-product, products and services.

The recommended class size for this program is 12 to 15 participants. You can review a detailed course description of this program on our website by clicking here.

Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop

This workshop provides participants with proven best practices for developing and improving customer focus and service quality throughout their organization. It provides a way of thinking, a mind-set that drives people to go beyond mere satisfaction. It also provides proven   strategies and approaches for becoming a customer-focused leader. Participants acquire the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to make Customer  Focus a competitive advantage in their organization.

Specifically designed for anyone who manages and leads others, this two-day, highly interactive program includes an effective balance of  lecture, individual and group activities and learning exercises.

The recommended class size for this program is 12 to 15 participants. You can review  a detailed course description of this program on our website by clicking here.

Maximizing the Customer Experience Online Certification Program

This 8 Module, self-directed, interactive, online certification program is based on our highly successful classroom program; Customers Forever: Delivering Exceptional Service. This comprehensive program takes from 6 to 7 hours to complete.

This program is ideal for both frontline and back-office support employees. This program enables participants to maximize their customers’ service experiences. Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive a certificate and the certification of Certified Customer Experience Professional. Certification is provided by The Training Bank and the Customer Service Institute of America.

Enrollment is open to both individual  and  group purchases.

Additional blended training support materials are also available.

You can review  a detailed course description of this program on our website by clicking here.


Other Support Services

We will also be pleased to assist you in your efforts  through the following:

  1. Training Customization
  2. Online Customer-Focused Leadership Assessment
  3. Other online assessments
  4. Proposal Development Assistance
  5. Additional coaching support
  6. Custom Web Portal set-up and licensing

For more information, fee structures and to apply for this affiliate program please email us at support@thetrainingbank.com. Please include in your request, details regarding your market area, customer focus and service excellence training experience and your web site particulars.

Please note: To protect the integrity of our training programs we reserve the right to refuse any applicant or licensed partner who does not meet or maintain our high standards of professional excellence.