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 Enable and engage your employees by ensuring your leaders receive proven management and supervisory skills training 

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Supervisory Excellence

This supervisory skills training program is a highly interactive management and supervisory skills training program. It is ideal for those who are new to supervising other or as a terrific refresher for more seasoned managers, supervisors or team leaders.

Foundations: Supervisory Excellence is available in 2.5  and 3-day formats. It can also be divided into a series of shorter workshops.

All too often managers and supervisors are placed into their roles because they are technically proficient in the functions of the team or department they are expected to lead. Unfortunately quite often they are thrust into this role without the benefit of any supervisory skills training. Good or bad, they adopt the styles and approaches of others who have influenced them in the past. Most of the time this leads to highly ineffective leadership, a lack of productivity improvement and poor employee morale. Managers and supervisors without supervisory skills training trend to micro-manage and endure a multitude of performance problems which they don’t realize are of their own making.

Our supervisory skills training is the perfect solution for ensuing  that your  managers, supervisors and/or team leaders gain the knowledge and skills they need to become highly successful supervisors and leaders.

Foundations: Supervisory Excellence provides hands-on tools which make transition of the learning to the job easy and effective. In order to assist participants in implementing what they have learned, each participant workbook includes a Personal Action Plan used to set goals, plan activities to achieve these goals and measure their progress.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

  • Define and clarify the various aspects of their critical team leader/supervisory role in your Company
  • Determine their leadership style and adapt their leadership style to influence and enhance your employees’ performance
  • Build and maintain a highly productive and positive team atmosphere
  • Enhance their ability to delegate for productivity improvement and employee development
  • Maximize their effectiveness as a coach, a communicator and as a leader
  • Deal effectively with performance problems
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan for how they take what is covered during the workshop and apply it to their situation
  • Discuss specific issues and challenges to fulfilling their role
  • Benefit from the experiences of their fellow colleagues and peers
Topics Covered:

Topics in this program include:

  • Module 1: The Role: Key Supervisory Principles and Practices
  • Module 2: Adapting Leadership Styles and Influence
  • Module 3: Communication, Team Building and Motivation
  • Module 4: Delegating for Productivity and Development
  • Module 5: Coaching
  • Module 6: Dealing Effectively with Performance Problems

In Summary:

This training explores essential management/supervisory competencies and incorporates proven best practices to enable managers, supervisors and team leaders to enhance employee performance through supervisory excellence.

✓Highly interactive on-site workshop
✓Can be fully customized
✓Targets managers, supervisors and team leaders
✓2 or 3 day formats
✓Detailed 140 page participant workbook
✓Personal Action Plan included
✓Train-the-Trainer available

Enable and Engage your employees by ensuring your leaders utilize proven management and supervisory best practices.

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