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Relationship Selling is focused on the Customer

Loyalty is an outcome of highly successful relationships.

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Relationship Selling Skills

This two-day program is specifically designed for individuals who have sales responsibilities. It introduces participants to the fundamentals of needs-based relationship selling skills.

A key principle of our approach to selling your products and services is to focus on identifying, relative to your products and/or services, what it is that your customers need as a problem and then presenting your most appropriate products and/or services as solutions which will help your customer resolve or eliminate their problem. It’s about focusing on your client’s needs. Needs-based selling is customer-focused. It is based on the belief that people make buying decisions to satisfy needs and desires, and to solve problems. It requires skill in determining needs and problems, linking your products and services to those issues and then conveying your solutions to you customer in a way which compels them to say yes. Product information is presented from the customer’s point of view, not your point of view.

The sale is as much about the relationship as it is about selling the product or service.

Today’s customers are better informed and more aggressively targeted by your competition than ever. So selling to your customers in a way which demonstrates that you value their business and that you will make every effort to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationships which are supported by exceptional products and outstanding service will give you a competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate increased confidence with their selling role.
  • Apply needs-based relationship selling approaches upon return to the job.
  • Identifying potential sales opportunities.
  • Determine customer needs and link these needs to specific products/services.
  • Ask for the business.
  • Provide greater support to organizational sales efforts.
  • Handle sales objections/complaints
  • Build a personal action plan.
Topics Covered:

Topics Covered:

  • Your Organization’s approach to selling
  • Translating product knowledge into sales-oriented product fluency
  • The Customer-Focused Selling Process
  • Building multiple-product relationships
  • Connecting with customers
  • Clarifying customer needs and expectations
  • Conveying solutions and options
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing techniques
  • Developing high potential prospect lists
  • Developing and implementing sales plans
  • Personal Action Plans

More about the program

This program offers an effective balance of experiential, and interactive learning techniques combined with practical adult learning methodologies and design. Concepts and applications are based on extensive research and careful testing. Participants receive an array of practical and useful tools to help them apply the techniques immediately upon their return to work. They also complete a Personal Action Plan for how they will implement what they have learned back on –the-job.

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