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Why Customer-Focused Leadership...

The main reason customer focus fails is because managers do not provide the kind of leadership and support needed to sustain a customer-focused culture.
● All customer-focused organizations ensure that managers are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to build and sustain strong customer focus.

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Leadership Workshop

Delivered at your location, our Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop© provides you with proven fundamentals for developing and improving customer focus and service quality throughout your organization.

Please watch this 6 minute video which discusses what customer focus is and overview the Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop or continue to read the course description provided below.

Service is everyone’s responsibility and this is particularly true for anyone who manages and supervises others. Not just managers and supervisors of people who interact directly with customers, but in fact, everyone who manages and supervises others.

Customer-contact and support employees are rarely the biggest obstacle to service improvement. When customer-contact employees are empowered to provide better service, they are given more authority and discretion to act. They are encouraged to use their creativity and initiative and then they are rewarded for doing so.

The Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop is a two-day training program which provides a way of thinking, a mind-set that can empower people to go beyond satisfaction. It also provides proven strategies and approaches for becoming a customer-focused leader and sharpening your organization’s customer focus. Your leaders will learn how to engage your employees, maximize the quality of your customers’ experiences with your organization and how to improve operational efficiencies, all in a way that your customers value.

Perfect for Senior Management, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders our highly interactive Customer-Focused Leadership Workshop includes an effective balance of lecture, individual and group activities and exercises. Participants will receive detailed reference resources, tools and job aids and complete a Personal Action Plan for how they will implement what they have learned during the program.

If you wish to have this training customized to reflect your vision, values and culture we will be pleased to discuss our comprehensive approach.

Other optional resources which are available in conjunction with this program include our Customer-Focused Leader Online Assessment survey and Our Customer-Focused Leader’s Activity Guide. If you would like more information on these unique and highly effective resources, please let us know.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will understand:

  • Why customer focus provides a competitive advantage
  • How to demonstrate commitment to Customer Focus
  • How to create an organization that customers brag about
  • How to develop quick and proactive recovery strategies
  • How to develop customer friendly systems and processes
  • How to listen to the voice of the customer and what to do with customer feedback
  • How to Lead with a customer-focused mind-set
  • How to identify and define Customer-Focused Performance Standards
  • How to hold people accountable
  • How to reinforce a customer-focused vision, values and standards
  • What to measure and how to recognize and reward customer-focused performance excellence
  • How to embed customer focus throughout their department or team.
Topics Covered:

Topics in this program include:

  • 1. Laying the Foundation
  • 2. Commit to Service Excellence
  • 3. Lead with a Customer Focus
  • 4. Listen to the Voice of the Customer
  • 5. Enhance and Align the System
  • 6. Build and Strengthen Service Partnerships
  • 7. Define Service Boundaries and Provide Autonomy
  • 8. Measure What’s Important
  • 9. Hold Everyone Accountable and
  • 10. Recognize and Reward
  • 11. Embedding Customer Focus
  • 12. Action Planning

In Summary:

Enable your managers to embed and sustain customer focus using proven customer-focused leadership best practices.

✓ Highly interactive on-site workshop
✓ Can be fully customized
✓ Targets Leaders including; Sr. Mgmt, Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders
✓ 2 or 3 day formats
✓ Suggested class size: 12 to 15 participants
✓ Detailed 100 page participant workbook
✓ Supported with optional online assessments and implementation and embedding Tools
✓ Personal Action Plan included
✓ Train-the-Trainer available
✓ Coming soon...will be available in a modular, live webinar format

Create and sustain Customer Focus and service excellence throughout your entire organization!

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