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Why deliver exceptional service...

  • ● Customers are willing to pay from 9% to 22% more for exceptional service
  • ● 60% say they would try a new brand if they could get better service
  • ● 8 out of 10 customers report they no longer deal with a provider due to poor service
  • ● It costs 5 to 8 times more to get new customers than it does to keep the ones you have
Source: Amex Global Service Barometer 2010 and 2011

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Delivering Exceptional Service Training

Customers Forever: Delivering Exceptional Service © is a proven, customizable and comprehensive customer service training solution. We will deliver this training to your employees at the location of your choice or provide you with train-the-trainer services. This exceptional service course is available in one-day and two-day formats and is suitable for all your employees.

Customers Forever: Delivering Exceptional Service presents a proven approach for embedding a service mind-set, building a customer-focused culture, delivering exceptional service and creating or enhancing service excellence throughout your entire organization. Each participant will be able apply the core best practices,  key concepts and techniques covered in the training to their specific roles within your organization.

This training will develop a mindset dedicated to consistently delivering exceptional service to both external and internal customers. This mind-set is at the heart of any successful customer culture.

Some of the benefits of a successful customer service culture include:

  1. Impressed customers will become loyal customers.
  2. Loyal customers buy more and cost less to serve.
  3. Loyal customers become advocates, creating word of mouth advertising.
  4. Reduced employee turnover.
  5. Increased revenue.
  6. The cost of poor service reduces significantly

This highly-interactive training program provides participants with strategies and skills that will help them make the most of their day-to-day interactions with customers and colleagues.

Customers value service and in today’s economy they want and expect it if they are to give you their loyalty and repeat business. This training program will help you to make service excellence a competitive advantage in your organization.

If you want to take advantage of the cost savings associated with online training, we offer an online version of this training program. It is called Maximizing the Customer Experience. This is a certificate level certification program. This program is available for individual and group purchases. Click here for more details.

In our experience, Customer Focus and service excellence is a leadership issue. If you want to maximize your ROI on this training investment we highly recommend that you have your leaders attend our Customer-Focused Leadership workshop. For more details click here.

If you wanted to focus your training efforts on your frontline employees only, check out our Customer Focus For the Frontline program. Click here for details.

One last important consideration. If the topics and learning objectives listed below are not exactly what you were looking for… NO WORRIES!  We can customize this program or custom design a unique service training program to reflect your specific goals and objectives.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

  • Understand why service and retention is a critical business strategy
  • Understand the role service plays in customer satisfaction and retention and the critical role employees play in creating value and building loyalty
  • Determine what customers’ want and expect when it comes to the service they receive
  • Identify pro-active strategies for getting customer feedback
  • Evaluate processes and procedures and look for ways to make these more customer friendly
  • Develop strategies for exceeding customer expectations
  • Develop pro-active recovery strategies to regain the customer’s confidence and business
  • Strengthen internal service partnerships and processes
Topics Covered:

Topics in this program include:

  • 1. What is Service?
  • 2. Creating a competitive advantage
  • 3. What Are Your Customers Worth?
  • 4. Moments of Truth…and Coffee Stains
  • 5. Creating Value for Customers
  • 6. Creating a Legend
  • 7. What Customers' Want
  • 8. Moments of Truth and the Cycle of Service
  • 9. The Power of Customer Perception
  • 10. Understanding Customer Expectations
  • 11. Retention, Pro-active Recovery and Loyalty
  • 12. Personal Recovery and Retention Strategies
  • 13. Service Partnerships-Internal Cooperation
  • 14. Your Role in Continuous Improvement
  • 15. Your Personal Action Plan

In Summary:

Participants will master the use of proven tools, tactics and strategies in order to Build Customer Loyalty through excellence in customer service throughout your entire organization.

✓Highly interactive on-site workshop
✓Can be fully customized
✓Targets all employees
✓1 or 2 day formats
✓Suggested class size: 12 to 15 participants
✓Detailed 80 page participant workbook
✓Supported with optional online assessments
✓Personal Action Plan included
✓Train-the-Trainer available

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