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 Enhance productivity and employee performance by learning how to delegate for productivity and/or performance improvement  

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Effective Delegation

Effective Delegation is a one day training program.

All too often employees are delegated a task and sadly they fail. What’s wrong with them? Quite often, absolutely nothing. In many cases the fault lies with the supervisor who did not delegate the task properly. Effective delegation is a skill which requires patience, solid coaching and communication skills. It requires a clear understanding of what to delegate, when to delegate, and how to delegate in a way that maximizes employee productivity and performance.

By attending this course you will learn how to do this and much more. You will learn why effective delegation is critical for the development of employees.

You will learn how to enhance each employee’s productivity and overall performance by using effective delegation as a productivity and/or performance improvement tool.

This course is highly interactive and uses an effective balance of presentation, large and small group discussion as well as numerous application exercises. It provides a forum for you to enhance your skills and refresh your supervisory practices.

Participants complete a personal action plan as they proceed through the program to determine how they will incorporate what is covered in the training into their daily work routine.  Participants receive a detailed Participant Workbook which includes details of the concepts and principles presented together with exercises and other job aids.

If you wish, we can fully customize this program to reflect the specific learning needs of your employees.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

  • Determine what and when to delegate
  • Identify the difference between delegating and dumping
  • Know how to select the appropriate person
  • Give instructions and establish clear responsibility and authority parameters
  • Develop and implement follow-up methods without micro-managing
  • Re-direct performance using the right coaching style
  • Use delegation to develop a cross-training program to provide cover for absences
  • Delegate to motivate
  • Apply the appropriate delegation style to build employee confidence and skill
Topics Covered:

Topics in this program include:

  • 1. Benefits, Payoffs and Barriers
  • 2. Applying the Best Delegation Style
  • 3. Delegation and Setting Goals
  • 4. Communicating Performance Standards
  • 5. Clarifying Your Expectations
  • 6. How to Delegate Effectively
  • 7. Giving Feedback Effectively
  • 8. Key Listening Techniques
  • 9. Effective Delegation – Action Plan

In Summary:

Delegation is a key productivity tool which when used effectively not only strengthens employee performance and capabilities, but it also can encourage and motivate employees to contribute even more to the output of your team or department.

✓Highly interactive on-site workshop
✓Can be fully customized
✓Targets managers, supervisors and team leaders
✓1 day format
✓Suggested class size: 12 to 15 participants
✓Detailed 70 page participant workbook
✓Personal Action Plan included
✓Train-the-Trainer available

Enhance productivity and employee performance by learning how to delegate for productivity and/or performance improvement.

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