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  • ● 65% of customers who have a fantastic service experience say friendly representatives who are able to solve their concerns are the most influential.
  • ● 56% of customers admit to having lost their temper with a customer service professional.
  • ● 8 out of 10 customers are more likely to become loyal if their problem is solved on the spot.

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Customer-Focused Communication: Effective Communication

Effective communication with customers is a must for anyone who wants to dramatically improve his or her service relationships with customers and colleagues.

Customer-Focused Communication is an on-site workshop which is available in a half-day overview or full one-day format.

Coming in early 2015, this program will be available in a customized, modular, live webinar format. Contact us for details.

This highly interactive course will enable participants to eliminate the needless problems which can so easily arise from ineffective communication. The concepts, approaches and techniques apply when interacting with either customers or colleagues.  The need for highly effective communication between the back office and frontline employees and with customers is critical to the success of every customer interaction.  Lack of cooperation between employees is often the result of poor customer-focused communication. A breakdown in communication usually ends up impacting the customers’ experience one way or another. Poor communication leads to customer dissatisfaction which is a prescription for disaster.

This program will enhance your employees ability to communicate effectively with customers and colleagues in all situations including the most challenging and difficult situations.  Participants will learn how to turn negative language into positive language. They will learn how to maximize the quality of their communication with customers and each other.

In the one-day version of this program participants will analyze their communication styles and approaches and learn how to adapt their style to reflect the most effective communication strategy for each given situation. They will also have an opportunity to practice their communication skills through role-plays and case studies.

If you would like to maximize the impact of this training we will be pleased to discuss customization of the role-plays and case studies to reflect the participants real world experience. Whether you would like to use this generic program or have us customize it to reflect your specific requirements, we can help.


Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will:

  • Utilize a proven process for dealing with any customer situations including the most difficult and challenging
  • Develop communication strategies for different moments of truth
  • Evaluate any given communication situation to determine and apply the best approach both to achieve their objectives and to build respect and credibility
  • Communicate negative information with positive results
  • Quickly and easily identify communication barriers and act to remove or at least minimize these barriers
  • Deal effectively with personality conflicts and disagreements
  • Clarify customer needs and concerns
  • Handle complaints in a manner which at the very least satisfies the customer
  • Convey solutions in a manner which achieves customer buy-in
  • Interact with customers in a way which focuses on building long-term relationships
  • Apply effective communication approaches with both customers as well as co-workers with, in person or on the telephone
Topics Covered:

Topics in this program include:

  • 1. Communication and Moments of Truth
  • 2. The Customer Focused Communication Process
  • 3. The TIDE Model
  • 4. Communication Flow
  • 5. Diagnosing the Situation
  • 6. Four Communication Approaches
  • 7. Asking Questions
  • 8. Listening
  • 9. Resolving Conflicts
  • 10. Dealing with Difficult customers
  • 11. Personal Action Plan

In Summary:

Ensure your employees maximize the quality of communication with customers and others, even in the most difficult situations.

✓Highly interactive on-site workshop
✓Can be fully customized
✓Targets all Customer Contact Staff
✓1 day format
✓Suggested class size: 12 to 15 participants
✓Detailed 60 page participant workbook
✓Can be included in other programs as 1/2 day module
✓Personal Action Plan included
✓Coming soon... will be available in a customized, modular, live webinar format

Effective communication with customers is a must for anyone who wants to dramatically improve his or her service relationships with customers and colleagues.

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