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Customer Service: The Basics (free customer service training)

Welcome to this free customer service training online course called Customer Service: The Basics (free customer service training). It will take you about 60 minutes to compete.

This free course is now available using HTML 5 so it should be accessible by most internet browsers.

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There are four modules.

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As a matter of interest, we do offer a comprehensive, highly interactive, certificate level online training program called Maximizing the Customer Experience. This is however not a free course. If you would like more information about this program, please click here.

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We have also provided free access to Module Five of this certification program on the last page of this tutorial. We hope you find both this tutorial and the free interactive module interesting and helpful.

A text only tutorial containing most of the information covered in the free online course is provided below and on the attached 6 pages.

Let’s review the basics.

In your travels as a consumer you’ve no doubt experienced good and bad customer service. Those good experiences include employees who solve your problem quickly and to your satisfaction. Or when someone takes the time to patiently explain your options or how to use a product. It’s when an employee recommends an alternative that saves you money. But before any employee can become a guru at customer service they have to understand and practice the fundamentals. While it seems new employees or individuals new to the work force would need to practice those fundamentals it’s unsafe to assume even the veteran staff have mastered them.

If you’re really interested in improving your customer service this is the place to start. The attitudes and actions described in this tutorial define the company your customers see, hear and feel. If you fail at these everything else is just a gimmick or window dressings.

This module:
-Describes the attitudes every employee must have to be truly customer focused
-Describes the specific actions employees can take to win customer loyalty and confidence
-Provides scripts for greetings, transfers, putting callers on hold and problem resolution
-Gives examples of how phone messages, voice mail and email can be used to demonstrate customer commitment
-Explains the critical difference between customer expectations and customer needs
-Describes the basic attributes of service that customers expect

Why is this important?
It’s easy to assume you’re providing good customer service – after all how hard can it be? If the customer needs help – you help them. If the customer has a problem – you fix it. Right? But, providing excellent customer service – consistently is very difficult. Employees need to know exactly what’s expected of them and what good service looks like. Think about how many businesses you interact with on a daily basis. How many provide truly memorable service? It’s hard to think of any isn’t it! That’s because excellent service takes work and dedication.

One more thing: no matter what position you aspire to, you’ll always have someone as your customer. If you develop a truly dedicated attitude towards customers it will only help your career.


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