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Maximizing the Customer Experience

Maximizing the Customer Experience is an online customer focus and service excellence certification course.

Earn your Certification as a Customer Experience Professional!

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This 4 minute video provides an overview of Maximizing the Customer Experience. It is perfect for individual who are interested in learning more about this exceptional certification program.

Today’s customers are more selective and demanding. Their expectations regarding their service experiences are higher than ever. Customers who are not satisfied with the service they receive spend their hard earned cash elsewhere.

Ensuring this does not happen requires that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to retain current customers, build customer loyalty and attract new customers. In today’s competitive and global economy this means maintaining an exceptional service reputation based on what customers value most and focusing on the quality of the customer experience.

You will learn how to maximize customer focus and deliver exceptional customer service.  We teach you what you need to know and do in order to maximize your customers’ service experiences. And once you have successfully completed this program you will have earned your certification as a Certified Customer Experience Professional.

Included with this 6.5 hour online course is a downloadable Study Guide and Personal Action Plan which will help you to maximize your learning.

This online certification course is comprised of eight modules which contain interactive content, video vignettes and quizzes.

Upon successful completion of the program you will be able to print your certificate immediately. Certification is provided by The Training Bank in conjunction with the Customer Service Institute of America as regulated by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations.

Individual and Group enrollments available.

See below for further details.

You can view the following video which describes the learning objectives, topics and various features or you can scroll down the page and read all about it.

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Price: $249.00 CAD

ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL VISITORS: As our enrollment fees are expressed in Canadian Dollars, NOW is an excellent time for international visitors to enroll based on current exchange rates!

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Examine why customer-focused service is an essential business strategy which will contribute to the long-term success of your organization
  • Explore what ‘service’ is and why it is important, from the customers‘ perspective, the impact service has on your business, and the real consequences of poor service
  • Identify the drivers of customer satisfaction and learn what customers want and expect when it comes to the service they receive
  • Examine customer behaviour when it comes to service and determine what you can do to listen to the voice of the customer and what you can do to create value for your customers
  • Be able to use a process for tracing the customer’s journey through your organization and use this process to identify what you can do to maximize the customer experience
  • Explore your role as an internal service partner, identify who your internal partners are and implement a process for building and maintaining effective internal service partnerships
  • Be able to use pro-active service recovery strategies for handling customer service problems and complaints
  • Explore the importance of making improvements to your systems, processes and procedures which are aligned with what customer value, and learn what you can do to enhance your continuous improvement efforts.
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan for how you will implement what you learn in this course
Topics Covered:

Topics in this program include:

  • Module 1: Why Service?
  • Module 2: What is Customer-Focused Service?
  • Module 3: What Customers Want
  • Module 4: Understanding Customer Expectations and Perceptions
  • Module 5: Moments of Truth and Coffee Stains
  • Module 6: Internal Partnerships
  • Module 7: When Problems Occur… Service Recovery
  • Module 8: Enhance and Align the System

In Summary:

You will learn how to maximize customer focus and deliver exceptional customer service plus what you need to know and do in order to maximize your customers’ service experiences.

✓6.5 hour Online Certificate Program
✓Targets all employees
✓Contains Introduction and 8 Highly Interactive Modules
✓Online quizzes and tests
✓Includes 42 page Study Guide
✓Personal Action Plan
✓Certificate issued upon successful completion
✓Individual or group enrollments available.
✓Optional Implementation and Embedding Guide for group/team enrollments

Become a Certified Customer Experience Professional

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Everything you need to know about delivering customer-focused service is contained in 8 narrated and detailed course modules. Whether you serve customers directly or support those who do, this program is a must. More details about each module are provided below.


All the information, concepts, actions steps and approaches contained in this program are based on recent research and best practices.

Practical & Tangible:

This program is not theoretical. We explore the practical application of best practices, concepts and strategies in a straight forward and tangible way so you can apply what you learn immediately. Throughout the program you build a personal action plan for how you will apply everything covered in this program.

Interactive & Engaging:

This program is brimming with stories, examples, tips, tools and video excerpts for you to discover and each course module includes interactive quizzes to test your understanding. We also provide a 42 page study guide to help you maximize your learning experience.


This program is based on our highly successful and effective classroom training program Customers Forever. In fact we include video clips from this program where we present many of the customer focus concepts before a live audience.


Upon successful completion of this certification program you will receive a certificate of completion and certification as a Certified Customer Experience Professional. This certification is provided by The Training Bank and the Customer Service Institute of America.


You can complete this entire program in the comfort of your home or office. You have access to the program for a full 60 days so you can take your time and even revisit the content after you have completed the program for a quick refresher.

Cost Effective:

This unique online program takes from 6 to 7 hours to complete and is the equivalent of two days of training in the classroom. In the past this type of training was something only larger organizations could afford. Now so can you. This is a tremendous value for the price.

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Each fully narrated module explores all the key principles of customer focus and service excellence in detail. You will also find, tools, tips, situational examples to enhance your understanding of the content. Included in each module you will find short video clips. These clips are taken from a session of our classroom version of this training program. You will be able to experience first hand many of the key concepts and best practices discussed in this program.

Study Guide and Personal Action Plan

Included with your tuition is a 42 page Study Guide and Personal Action Plan.

This terrific learning resource contains learning activities and a Personal Action Planning tool. The learning activities will help you to apply what you learn as you work on a module. The Personal Action Plan gives you an opportunity to set some goals for yourself so that you can apply what you have learned on-the-job. A detailed explanation of how to use this tool is provided in the Guide.

Interactive Quizzes and Tests

As you work through each module you will complete short pop quizzes to check your understanding of what has been covered.

And... at the end of each module you will have the opportunity to complete a Final Quiz which you will need to pass with a 70% pass rate in order to move on to the next module in the program.

 Click on this drop down tab for more About Your CCEP Certification

Your CCEP certification is provided by the Training Bank and the Customer Service Institute of America.

This means that this program has passed the rigorous standards of both organizations and that you have demonstrated the required knowledge and skill to be granted this designation. To retain this designation you must consistently demonstrate your commitment to the core values, concepts, best-practices and customer focus principles covered in this program. Your certification is good for two years after which you will need to arrange for recertification. You have several options for this. Please refer to our Customer Service Certification overview page which you will find in the Training Programs main menu.

Courses that are Certified by the Customer Service Institute of America are based on international customer service standards as regulated by the International Council of Customer Service Organizations

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"Finally an online course that incorporates all of the key elements required for achieving exceptional customer experiences. We at the CSIA were so impressed with the content and training style used by The Training Bank in Maximizing the Customer Experience that we asked if we could endorse the course. The takeaways are exceptional and will assist any individual across a variety of industries in 'upping their game'."

Christine Churchill, Founder and Executive Director, Customer Service Institute of America

"The Maximizing the Customer Experience online certification training program is outstanding! Not only is it a sound training program, the approach you’ve created makes it possible for service providers to learn the essentials of service excellence on their own, in a modular fashion. I highly recommend this program to any person or organization that wants to outpace the competition. Thank you for developing this program—it is truly a program that rises above anything else on the market."

Tom Watson PhD., President Watson Training and Development

“Best decision I made in developing our curriculum for our students by bringing in Maximizing the Customer Experience. As a medical college, the healthcare industry is in dire need of giving their patients a better experience. Every organization in the healthcare industry should be taking this course. It is easy to implement, can be delivered in short but focused sessions, and has great exercises that allows you to put the principles into practice immediately.”

Alex Shortsleeve, Director of Education, Hawaii Medical College

“I like the certification. I liked the program. I will recommend to my job to attend this class. Very eye opener about customer service.”

Hawaii Medical College Student

“Customer Service is a great class. I would review all the online exercises again for outside of school and in personal relations.”

Hawaii Medical College Student

“The Customer service modules are awesome! Really goes in depth about what it means to be a business and how important our customers are as well as all the little things that tie into the customers’ experiences.”

Hawaii Medical College Student

I am writing to endorse the online Maximizing the Customer Experience certification course. This training program has prepared our employees to provide the highest levels of customer service at Pacific Islands Club. The customized online option was particularly user friendly and visually appealing. It was sensitive to the different styles of learning which kept the employees engaged. We are especially pleased that those who have completed the program are now certified by the Customer Service Institute of America. We believe that our guests will have added confidence in knowing that we have certified customer service professionals at Pacific Island Club. Thank you for providing this training to our staff.

Theresa T., Director of Human Resources, Pacific Island Club

I have completed Maximizing the Customer Experience. What an excellent course! The material is easy to follow and understand. I have truly enjoyed it! I have been employed by the town for 20 years and in the banking industry before that and have seen a lot “customer service” programs. I must say, this is “tops”! Very well written and totally common sense. Well Done.

Leslee S., Finance Dept , Town of St. Marys

I do the training here at GBTI and have been doing this since 2001. I am impressed with the concepts and approaches that you teach. Exposure to these will certainly improve our customer service.

Pat Clarke GBTI Bank

 Click on this drop down tab for details about our unique Implementation and Embedding Guide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every employee implemented everything they learned in a training program? In reality most employees do not unless essential steps are taken prior to the training and critical actions are implemented following the training. When it comes to building and sustaining customer focus, training is just the first step.

This valuable resource will ensure that you maximize your return on investment when enrolling your employees in this program. This 150-page Guide has two key components:

- How to maximize the implementation of the training

- How to embed the key best practices covered in the training into the day-to-day working environment


This tool provides you with detailed recommendations regarding how to plan, organize and implement a successful training plan using the online training program.

Two proven approaches are outlined or you can customize your own plan.

This Guide also contains step-by-step instructions for conducting an effective Kick-Off meeting to launch the training program.


Many essential best practices are covered in the online certification program. Ensuring that all your employees utilize these best practices daily requires structure and accountability. The tools provided in this Guide will help you to accomplish this. The Guide contains 19 tested and proven activities which when conducted with your employees will reinforce what is covered in the training and ensure that these best practices are integrated into the fabric of day-to-day life at work.

Each activity comes in the form of a team meeting. These meetings range from 30 to 45 minutes on average. Everything you need to conduct each meeting is provided. This includes:

- Goals and Objectives

- Planning requirements

- Handouts

- Flip-chart content

- Detailed step-by-step instructions for conducting the meeting from start to finish

We have also provided additional reference material including instructions on how to use a number of problem-solving and decision-making tools and techniques. In essence, everything you will need to maximize your employees’ learning experience and bring customer focus to life in your department, team or Organization.

The Guide comes in a downloadable Acrobat pdf format and is designed so that you can print it and place the pages in a three ring binder for ease of use.

This resource is available for reproduction by way of license. The price for one license (1 unit) is $149.00. You will need to acquire a license for each manager/trainer using the Guide. Volume discounts are available.

Please contact us for particulars.

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We want to ensure that your computer is properly set up to run the course.

Most people have the correct software on their computers to deploy and run most internet based content but sometimes they do not have the latest versions of this software and as a result they encounter problems running online course-ware.

To avoid encountering problems with this course please ensure that you have the latest versions of the software typically needed for internet based training. Here is a list of the system requirements needed to ensure this program functions properly. (Please note: Currently, Adobe Flash Player is required in order to view this course and some internet browsers no longer support this plugin. We are in the process of reprogramming this course so it can be viewed in all browsers and hope to have it launched early in 2018.

Your PC needs to have a high speed Internet connection.

Operating system: XP or Windows 7 or Windows 8

Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher is required. Your browser must support Adobe Flash

To ensure smooth operation of course enable cookies and scripting

Disable pop-up blockers

Your computer needs to have audio and video capability.

You will need Adobe Flash Player version 10 installed on your computer.

You will need Java version 1.6. Update 21 or greater installed on your computer.

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If you wish to enroll multiple participants or wish to run this program through your own customized Learning Management System (LMS), please contact us. We will be pleased to look after your specific requirements.

Please note that volume discounts apply to enrollments of 11 or more individuals. We will take care of everything including setting up and providing unique user access codes and notifications.

For more information, about group enrollments, please contact us.

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Access and use of this program is granted to and for the sole use of the individual who has enrolled in the program.

The content and supporting materials may not be shared or used by anyone other than the individual who has enrolled in this program.

We warrant that the course provided contains the information as described on this page.

We further warrant that it is free of technical defects and, provided the purchaser meets the requirements as described in System Requirements above, the course will deploy and run properly.

In the event that you are unable to access this program, despite having the required supporting hardware/software as described above please contact us within 48 hours of purchase. If we are unable to correct the problem, we will provide a full refund.

If you encounter a problem, email support@thetraningbank.com and describe the difficulty you are having.

Please ensure that you include your sales confirmation number. We shall endeavour to correct the problem. If we are unable to do so we shall refund the purchase price.

Requests for refunds for any other reason, while not normally accepted, will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note: Once you have gained access to the online training program and used any part of this training you are deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions of purchase.

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