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Customer Service Certification

customer service certification

Customer Service Certification – Certified Customer Experience Professional (C.C.E.P.)

If you are looking for customer service certification, you have come to the right place.

Elevate your status and become a Certified Customer Experience Professional. Raise the professional capabilities of your service providers by providing them with the training they will need to become certified.

Our customer service certification is not restricted to those who serve the customers directly but to all employees, whether they occupy a frontline role or a back-office role. That is why the designation is Certified Customer Experience Professional as everyone in an organization is responsible for the outcomes of your customers’ experiences.

We are please to offer the C.C.E.P designation (Certified Customer Experience Professional) to anyone who successfully completes our online certification program called Maximizing the Customer Experience or our classroom training programs including Customers Forever: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service, Customer Focus for the Frontline and Customer Focus for the Back Office.

This certification and accreditation is provided by us in association with the Customer Service Institute of America.
The Customer Service Institute of America was established in 2007. The CSIA represents the International Council of Customer Service Organizations (ICCSO) in North America. It is also the body delegated by the ICCSO to manage the International Service Excellence Awards. The Institute has the exclusive North American rights to distribute the International Customer Service Standard (ICSS) and certify Organizations against the Standard. The ICSS is the world’s only truly international customer service standard offering a balanced internal scorecard self-assessment backed by an external assessment and certification program.

We are honoured that our training programs meet the rigorous standards established by these organizations and that we can offer this customer service certification to those who enroll in our online training or attend our classroom training programs and successfully complete the certification testing which is required to earn the certification.
Like most professional certifications, candidates must maintain the highest levels of professionalism and performance in order to maintain their certified status. Our certification is for a period of 24 months. At the end of this period the candidate must recertify.

This can be done by:

  1. Successfully completing our recertification process
  2. Providing evidence of attendance at some other recognized customer focus or service excellence training program or event

Our recertification process consists of two components:

  1. A written component wherein the candidate is directed to respond to some basic questions.
  2. A series of online testing modules which will test the candidates understanding or application of the core concepts provided in the initial training which the individual attended.

Upon successful completion, the individual will be recertified for another 24 months.
The certified individual’s name will be included in our official database as a Certified Customer Experience Professional in good standing.

Check out the course descriptions on our website for the qualifying courses and then contact us.

Maximizing the Customer Experience Online Certification program

Customers Forever: Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Customer Focus for the Frontline
Customer Focus for the Back-Office

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