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Custom Training Design Services

Are you having difficulty finding training for the specific topics you need? Using our custom training design service we can design a custom program for you.

Are the topics covered in various courses we have described on course description pages not exactly what you are looking for?  We can customize one of these programs to reflect your specific requirements, goals and objectives.

Using our ISD (Instructional Systems Design) process, developed through 25 years of extensive research, we have designed over 400 unique training programs, manuals and workshops and we have customized hundreds of versions of our generic training programs.

Our custom training design process has been used to develop learning materials in subjects ranging from the design and use of flight simulators to the construction of cellular sites, from the manufacture and bottling of beverages to self-study programs which accredit individuals to sell complex investment products.


Our approach is to work with you as a partner.

Our documentation design process includes:

Needs Assessment
Task, Process or Competency Analysis
Documentation Editing and Development
Learning Module Development

If you have not done any of these already, we will conduct this assessment or teach your people how to do it.

For projects requiring this type of analysis, we will train your subject matter experts how to do this using our ISD system or if you prefer, we will complete this process for you.

We will take the raw data generated from the previous step and create an easy to follow document / procedures manual which is written based on the targeted learning population/user.

Learning modules in self-study, on-the-job, classroom-based training, or a combination of methods will be designed based on the most appropriate learning vehicles, your preferences and budget.

You and your subject matter experts are involved at every step in the process to ensure that the final product delivers the outcomes that you want.

We will be pleased to provide you with further details on how you can take advantage of our extensive design expertise to create training programs which will get results.

For more information on our training design and/or customization services please contact us.

We have also designed unique workshops in customer focus, leadership, team development, service quality, management and supervisory development, sales leadership and a broad range of topics which are typically included in programs of this nature. On the technical side we have designed a multitude of programs from sophisticated scientific application to manufacturing process.

We are experts in training design.

While for many projects we can call upon our own subject matter expertise, our preference is to engage the expertise of experts within your own organization to gather the information essential to the successful design of a training vehicle.

Our goal is to ensure that the training is technically accurate, relevant, and gets results.

For more information, contact us