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We are a Canadian based, international training and education firm. We have been helping organizations enhance the effectiveness of their employees for over 25 years. Since inception we have operated from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In late May of 2012, we moved to our new head office in St. Marys, Ontario, a short distance from Toronto.

Our clients are situated across the globe throughout Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Caribbean and the Pacific Rim.

We specialize in training design, customer focus and supervisory excellence, however, we recognize that sometimes your needs require additional expertise. For this reason we have formed strategic partnerships with a wide range of experts in related fields to ensure that training and consulting solutions we provide are comprehensive and target the results you are looking for.

Having highly skilled, well-trained employees is one of the most important investments you can make in the future success of your organization.

We understand that there is constant pressure on your training budgets.

That’s why we offer both generic and fully customized training solutions.

Our Products And Services

  • Needs Assessment
  • Training Program Design and Customization
  • Service Quality, Customer Service and Customer Focus generic or custom classroom training programs
  • Classroom-based Leadership/Management and Supervisory Skills Development on a wide range of topics
  • Custom Web-based Customer Focus and Leadership Assessments
  • Online Customer Focus Certification Training
  • Health and Safety Training; Canadian, OSHA, and Environmental Protection online training
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Training Facilitation services
  • Professional Development and Training Books, DVD's and CD's

Our Customer Value Proposition

  • Subject Matter Expertise: we understand the essential building blocks of Leadership, Supervisory Excellence and Customer Focus—we know how to measure it, train it, deploy it, and communicate it!
  • Approach: we don’t come into an initiative with all the answers, we learn and adapt based on what the data and the client tells us, and we use it to shape the right solution for you—and your customers.
  • Reach: access to complementary, additional specialist resources in our fully loaded network, if and when required; we will ensure full integration.
  • Customer-Focused: we practise what we teach. We are seasoned in our businesses and our ability to provide outstanding customer service is one of the reasons we’ve been successful.
  • Training Design Know How: we have expertise in classroom-based, web-based and blended training methodologies.
  • Culture: we offer proven solutions in on how to achieve cultural transformation.
  • Customizing: our approach is anchored in thorough analysis and proven methods and principles, yet shaped to your needs.
  • Embedding: we do everything we can to ensure the work we do is geared toward building sustainable performance improvement.