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Pay Now or Pay Later Why Employee Financial Education Should Be A Priority

Pay Now or Pay Later: Why Employee Financial Education Should be a Priority is by a friend and strategic partner, Tom Watson Ph. D. Money — the more you make, the more it takes, or so it seems. This statement applies to employers as well as employees. While most businesses struggle with the challenge of doing […]


Transforming Bad Habits

Transforming Bad Habits is by Brian Tracy Excerpt From: Personal Success Your habits have been developed from early childhood as the result of things that you have chosen to do, or not to do. Your entire life is the result of your past choices and decisions. And like all of us, you probably have some […]


Continuous Learning

Continuous Learning is by Brian Tracy Excerpt From: Financial Success Throughout the developed world, we have moved from an era of manpower to an era of mind power. We have moved from the use of physical muscles to the use of mental muscles. Today the chief sources of value in our society are knowledge and […]